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Have a problem with one of our apps? You will find the most commonly asked questions and answers in the FAQs. If you don’t see your question in the FAQs then feel free too email us directly:

iPad OS Troubleshooting
  1. Restart your Device: While holding the power button down for atleast 10 seconds, you will see a "slide to power off" message. Slide your finger to power off your device. Now, hold the power button down for 3 seconds to reboot your device.
  2. Delete, Redownload and Reinstall the Application: Hold down on the app for a few seconds until a small X appears next to the app. Press the X to delete the app. Then redownload the app again.
Glowmation for iPad FAQs

I can't see any lines when I'm drawing, what's wrong?

Glowmation is best used in a dimly lit area where the initial lines will stand out more. Would you like brighter lines, or the ability to control the brightness, then e-mail us a suggestion at

When I rotate the iPad my drawing is offscreen?

You should only draw at the orientation you want your final drawing to display at. You can rotate the iPad at anytime, yet your drawing will be anchored to the bottom left hand corner.

I don't want the last line to stay animated, what can I do?

This is a little trick. Rotate the iPad and find a place on the screen that won't be visible when you re-rotate the iPad back. Then draw a small line offscreen and rotate your iPad back. When you play the drawing, the last line will be drawn offscreen so you do not see the last line animating!

How do I purchase the full version?

To purchase the full version, use the "?" help menu, then press the "Buy Full Version" button.

How do I unlock the full version if I already purchased it?

If you already purchased the full version and are re-installing the app, then press the "Restore Purchases" button. If you press the Buy button again, and have already purchased it, then you will not be charged again and this will also unlock the full version.