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ClusterStorm for iPhone

Available on the App Store
Free Version Features:
  • 2 neon colors to draw with.
  • Undo button featuring entire pattern history.
  • Works at any orientation!
  • Orientation is locked during playback, so you can hold and rotate your iPad to show friends!
Full Version Features:
  • 4 more neon colors to draw with for a total of 6.
  • Load/Save one drawing.


  • iPad
  • Mininum OS 3.2

About Glowmation

Glowmation is a simple, easy to use neon doodling app that traces over whatever you draw using animated particle effects. After drawing lines in a dimly lit color, press the Play button and watch as your lines are re-drawin in the exact order you drew them before with particles emitting from the animation! Make animated greetings for Happy Birthday, Halloween, Christmas etc! So much fun re-watching your doodles!

How to Purchase Full Version

To purchase the full version, use the "?" help menu, then press the "Buy Full Version" button. If you already purchased the full version and are re-installing the app, then press the "Restore Purchases" button. If you press the Buy button again, and have already purchased it, then you will not be charged again and this will also unlock the full version.


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