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  • Original 4 Game modes: Arcade, Classic, Survival and Bomber.
  • Plus Custom mode: Create your own custom games including scripting!
  • Ability to take screenshots of gameplay.
  • USB Support to transfer screenshots and themes.
  • Local Highscore Leaderboards


  • Sony PSP v1.5 Firmware

About Squarez

Retro arcade action with simple, addictive gameplay using the analog stick! This is the original game released in 2005.

Game Objective

The object of Squarez is to move your blue square over green squares. When you collect a green square an enemy red square will appear. If you crash into a red square your game will be over. However, if you get the yellow powerup square, your blue square will turn purple. While in this mode you can destroy small enemy red squares by crashing into them. When your controller begins to rumble you'll be turning back to normal shortly. Your score is determined by the number of green squares you collected.

Game Modes

Arcade: Classic mode plus Includes bomb and freeze powerups which decay after a specified amount of time. Ability to drop grenades and use rage.

Classic: Original classic game.

Survival: No powerups at all will appear. Just collect as many green squares as possible.

Bomber: Similar to survival with grenades and blockers. (shrapnal kills). All pills will begin with a timer, if you get the pill quick enough you will be awarded 2 grenades. If you get it before the timer if up you get 1 grenade. After the timer disappears you just collect the green pill. Grenade powerups will appear which award 8 grenades. Don't waste your grenades because they become increasing important later in the game when multiple enemies appear per pill.